ATOS Instruments Marketing Services takes one more big step in its collaborative approach with the scientific community in India. The Ferro Electric Loop Tracer is an ATOS product. Know how it is developed by the National Physical Laboratory under Technology Transfer. The contribution of ATOS to the R&D efforts and Make in India initiatives will continue with more such initiatives.

Ferroelectric Loop Tracer

The invention relates to an apparatus for polarization vs electric field measurement at various frequencies in thin film samples comprising in-situ monitoring and on screen plotting of PE loop; real time calculation of saturation field (Esat), coercive field (Ec), saturation polarization (Ps) and remnant polarization (Pr); data acquisition and data saving in file for future analysis; facility for offset removal; compensation setup for lossy dielectric and parasitic capacitance.


Data acquiring has been simplified by instruments/ hardware communication through PCI card. Processing and calculations can be done following the measurements. Single cycle measurements capability minimizes the error due to fatigue of the DUT

Ferroelectric Loop Tracer


The present software has the capability of

  • Data acquisition
  • Performing measurement at different frequency, amplitude, and waveform with in-situ monitoring and on-screen plotting
  • Real-time calculation based on measured values, and
  • Data saving in file for future analysis.

These features are added to the present software to make it user friendly.

This is designed to measure and compute in a simple, straight forward manner the properties of ferroelectric/ multiferroic samples congruent with the research work regularly being carried out and published in peer reviewed journals. 

This software provides the following capabilities:

  • Versatility i.e. the user can select the parameter from a number of choices according to his/her need.
  • Selection of frequency, amplitude and waveform for which the output is required to be studied.
  • Ergonomically designed data entry screens.
  • Display of all calculated results.
  • Storage of calculated results in a text file format.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 platform or higher operating system. It requires approximately 3MB of hard drive space

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