Formed in 2013,  ATOS Instruments Marketing Services is the preferred instrumentation partner of the scientific community. We are usually entrusted with implementation of end-to-end solutions for complex applications. Our customer base reads like a who’s who of the Indian scientific research community with several repeat customers.

ATOS Instruments Marketing Services is associated with principal companies who are world leaders. In association with us, our principal companies are committed to bringing the state-of-the-art products and highest levels of service to the Indian market.


The CEO, with over 25 years’ experience in the instrumentation industry, is supported by management and technology teams with over 100 years of combined experience in the instrumentation and IT industries.

The ATOS team implements complex solutions on the ground. ATOS technicians undergo intense training on individual modules, including at principals’ sites, and remain dedicated to providing the best service during and post installation.

ATOS Aspirations

To be valued as a partner by our customers and principals, be a market leader through key differentiators, to build enduring relationships based on integrity, highest levels of technology knowledge and the ability to provide extremely dependable support at all times
To be the preferred partner in our chosen area of specialization in the fields of R&D, product and scientific instrumentation and solutions market in India

ATOS Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a startup created with a vision to build new and relevant solutions for the Indian industrial market with a foundation of imaging technologies

ATOS Differentiators

  • Technology leadership
  • Preferred scientific partner for complex applications
  • Enduring relationships in the R&D scientific community
  • Excellent reputation &brand recall
  • High levels of integrity
  • Commitment to service
  • Repeat customers vouching for our expertise

ATOS Specialization

•  Cell Biology & Microfluidics
•  MEMS & Nanotechnology
•  UV – VIS- NIR Spectroscopy
•  LIBS, PIV, PLIF, Raman Spectroscopy
•  Nanosecond Time Resolved
•  Low Light level Detection
•  Scientific Diode LASERS
•  Hyperspectral Imaging
•  Cryogenic Technology
•  Infrared Signature
•  Temperature Measurement
•  Non-destructive Testing
•  Solar Cell Characterization
•  Astronomy