Ultrasound IRNDT
Installation at IIT Ropar​

Multichannel High-Resolution Plasma Spectroscopy with Mcpherson 1m Spectrometer and Andor Istar at IPR

Simultaneous Three Channel ICCD Setup
at Hyderabad Edit Test

VUV Imaging At TIFR With Andor Ikon
1k X 1k Detectors

Diagnostics in Biomedical Applications with
Andor Spectrometer and Istar ICCD at Mahe

Andor Spectrometer and EMCCD Interfaced With
Single-molecule Confocal Fluorescence Microscope at IISER Bhopal

Andor Échelle and Istar ICCD Implemented
for a LIBS Setup at Mahe

IIA 4K Andor